Hard Time Products has proven to be reliable, trustworthy, and HUNGRY to change the dynamics of this profession by showing genuine interest in REAL customer service and the availability to discuss and provide a large variety of jail and prison supplies.They put the “Personal” in customer service and they deliver!

Sheriff Clark Millsap

Bartow County, GA


Our Vision is to provide supplies and services for correctional and detention facilities benefiting the staff and residents. We provide service, quality, and value while supporting local and state proactive and preventative initiatives.


Our Philosophy is simple, but powerful: “Provide the very best personal customer service by doing what we say, saying what we do and knowing not only what you need, but understanding why you need it!”  We get it!

Our Story


The Hard Time Products team is the perfect combination of industry experts to serve corrections and detention facility operations. After years of being friends and family we had a realization that if we combined our niche’ skillsets, boots on the ground experience, and trade crafts that we would be a force to be reckoned with in the detention and corrections supply market.

Our founding members collectively enjoy over 75 years of global sourcing and supply chain in wholesale and retail markets, over 50 years in law Enforcement, detention, and corrections management, nearly 50 years in accounting and fiscal management, and 50 years in fulfillment and logistics.

We are a veteran owned business, CEO Harry Pierce – United States Air Force and Vice President, Business Development Jeffrey Chandler – United States Marine Corps.

Our Team

Harry Pierce

Harry Pierce


Jeff Chandler

Jeff Chandler


Tim Burkhalter

Tim Burkhalter

VP Sales

Mike Burkhalter

Mike Burkhalter

VP Supply Chain

Chase Patterson

Chase Patterson


Daniel Dougan

Daniel Dougan

SVP Sales

I have known both Tim and Jeff for many years in their Law Enforcement careers and can attest to their characters as much as their genuine practice of “doing the right thing”.

When Hurricane Irma devasted our beautiful coast in 2017, then Sheriff Burkhalter showed up at Franklin County Jail with 5 tractor trailer trucks of supplies. Sheriff Burkhalter along with 15 Floyd County deputies stayed a week helping our clean-up not only in Franklin County but in adjoining counties also. Retired Warden Chandler also assisted in donating bales of supplies to help with the clean-up. This was 5 years before they founded Hard Time Products, a correctional supply company.

I plan on continuing doing busines with this company that has shown to be both reliable and genuinely interested in providing great Customer Service.

Sheriff A.J. Smith

Franklin County, FL

Our Partners

Industry Affiliations

  • Georgia Sheriff’s Association
  • Georgia Jail Association
  • Georgia Prison Warden’s Association
  • Alabama Sheriff’s Association
  • Alabama Jail Association
  • Alabama Jail Administrative Council
  • Tennessee Sheriff’s Association
  • Tennessee Corrections Institute
  • Kentucky Jail Association
  • North Carolina Sheriff’s Association
  • North Carolina Jail Administrators Association
  • South Carolina Jail Administrators Association
  • National Sheriff’s Association
  • American Correctional Association
  • Criminal Justice Consultants
  • Corrections1 Network
  • Community Criminal Justice Foundation
  • Florida Sheriff’s Association

Non-Profit Affiliations

  • Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Homes
  • Community Criminal Justice Foundation (2 serving board members)
  • Rome, Georgia Exchange Club
  • Rome Noon Optimist Club
  • Georgia Special Olympics
  • Blood Assurance
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Sparklebox
  • Battlefield Ministries
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Leadership Rome
  • YMCA
  • City of Hope

We are here to help!

We provide supplies and services for correctional and detention facilities while benefitting the staff and residents with service, quality, and value in conjunction with supporting local and state proactive and preventative initiatives as well as re-entry and rehabilitative endeavors.

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